Is Fair Also Lovely? (Part 1)

Fair & Lovely is a product extremely well-known and easily available in many non-white countries of the world. I have tried to delve into what exactly is being sold here in physical terms and in ideology? I have attempted to explain why buying such a product is problematic and what can we learn about societies through this? (In Part 2, I will look into the Fair & Lovely expanding into the men's world by introducing its menz active version, and the implications of that on the world of consumerism, commodification and advertisements)


Living in a world of commodities, more often than not, we tend to overlook the historical context, the cultural and social implications of, the impact on mentalities, and the impact on our lives (in general) of commercial products and the marketing techniques used to sell these products. Having recently seen or rather “properly” seen (this time critically viewing) the Fair and Lovely ads on youtube, I was forced to analyze them in several ways. Continue reading here...


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