Celebrating my friends this Ramadan

Recently when my six year old shared her dream with me, awe struck, as she was, so was I. She witnessed a sky full of angels while she, somewhere in the open, stared at them excitedly. She woke up frightened though, as if she had done something wrong seeing the unseen angels. But I was just struck by how her dream was like a dejavu of my one memory that inspires me, moves me, and pushes me forward to this day – to strengthen and rejoice my friends, whose bonds are unbreakable. 
On one laylatul qadr* many years ago, before we were mothers, I remember reading an anecdote with my best friend, Maryam. We were spending the laylatul-qadr together driven by the same will, both of us fervently eager to stay up the whole night, and ready to motivate each other to stay up all night to pray and meditate. 
It was a summary of a saying from the Holy Prophet Muhammad (pbuh). I remember it as follows: When a friend goes out to meet another friend to learn about Allah and to grow closer to Allah, an…

Ramadan Challenge 2019: An ayah a day | an activity a day

"All praise is due to Allah, Creator of the Heavens and the Earth, who made angels having wings, two, or three or four. He increases in creation what He wills. Indeed Allah is over all things competent." (35:1)My six year old daughter recently woke up with a fright, which I later learned to be awe. She was frightened because she felt the presence of Allah in her dreams. She saw blue angels with wings covering the sky in uncountable numbers and she was so excited seeing them that she thought she offended Allah by seeing the unseen. This was the best time to celebrate angels with her. Until now I had only discussed with her and her four year old sister the two scribe angels who sit on our shoulders penning down our good and bad deeds. 


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What is Ramadan Challenge 2019?

7 years ago I took up the challenge of writing about 30 …

You may be kicked for mourning in Turkey

When Erdogan’s aide, Yerkel, kicked a mourner several times during his official visit to the site of Soma mine explosion, he made it clear that not only does he lack control over his anger, but that he also has little regard for humans. The Turkish government needs to take strong actions if it hopes to atone for this absurd show of power and rectify its image but more importantly if it wants to assure its citizens that such incidents won’t happen again!   

Yusuf Yerkel, accompanying Prime Minister Erdogan to Soma in the wake of the coalmine tragedy has admitted to kicking a protester. The mine incident has already witnessed over 280 deaths while scores remain missing. Soma, as is the rest of Turkey, is already fuming from the fatalities and the lack of safety measures for their workers.  Turkey has seen rapid economic growth in the last eleven years under Erdogan but still suffers from some of the worst health and safety standards for its workers. Yerkel’s kicking of the mourner only…

Lessons from Islamabad #manwithgun episode

When the man with the gun, overtook Jinnah avenue in Islamabad, parked his car near the important Blue area and air fired using his Kalashnikov while
smoking and drinking energy drinks, all forms of media joined the
breaking-news bandwagon. Everyone turned into crime experts, terrorism
analysts, police advisers and law enforcement critics. Everyone was more
intelligent than those managing the situation - as is always the case in
Pakistan perhaps. Some found it tragic, whilst others found it entertaining,
yet none could turn away from the story. Lessons learnt? Many actually, and
I want to pen them down before more is learnt about these terrorisers and
I'm proven wrong.

A super bored nation
We are a super bored nation - despite all the bombings, target killings,
drone attacks, spy attacks, honour killings, etc we still find it
entertaining to cling on to a family in Islamabad.

We love drama and especially family drama. His name varied from Sikander
to Kamran and Ramzan, he is said to have a 40 …

Family politics - PTI versus JI

What happens when one brother supports PTI and the other JI. You have a highly politicised house that has learnt how to play its own politics within its boundaries.

My blog post published in The Express Tribune 

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When the storm spoke for Imran Khan's PTI

The following blog post has been republished with the permission of the author Fayez Asar and originally appeared as a Facebook note on the author's page - this post is an account of the 23rd March 2013 PTI rally in Lahore, Pakistan. 

10 Magical Minutes at the PTI Jalsa

I wanted to write about the entire Jalsa at the Minar-e-Pakistan on 23rd March 2013, but I’ll save that for another day.  Right now, I just want to write about the last 10 magical minutes of the Jalsa.  Just those last few minutes made my entire trip completely worth it.
The weather was extremely pleasant throughout the day.  It was not too hot to begin with and the occasional light drizzle helped cool everyone down even further.  The mood was extremely festive as it always is at PTI Jalsas.  As expected, the crowd became much more focused once Imran Khan stepped onto the podium.  The crowd knew that this was a special day where he was going to officially kick off PTI’s election campaign by delivering a big speech. …

The debate on the meaning of Pakistan

Pakistan is a state. But what kind of a state is it? Is it a nation state? Is it a country for Pakistanis? If it is then we need to understand who Pakistanis are. Are they a group of people who speak the same language? Or are they from the same race? The only commonality amongst all Pakistanis (or at least 95% of them) is Islam. This is why during the movement for independence of Pakistan the slogan on the tongue of Pakistanis was پاکستانکامطلبکیا؟لاالہالااللہ (What does Pakistan mean? There is no god but Allah). The slogan was the heart beat of every Muslim of subcontinent who supported a separate homeland. And this is why the leaders of Pakistan movement created a slogan مسلمہوتومسلملیگمیںآو (Muslims should be Muslim Leaguers). These slogans were rationalized by Quaid e Azam in his speech at many occasions. 
One such occasion was his address to Civil, Naval, Military and Air Force officers of the Pakistan government at Khalaqdina hall, Karachi on 11th October, 1947.  He said: “The …