Comments on Pakistan Banning Facebook

My last post on this blog was called "Pakistan Bans Facebook" and I wrote this article to discuss the issue around Facebook banning and what in my opinion is problematic with Pages like these. I have also uploaded this article on Project Carousel website, which is a website maintained by the Media and Film Studies department at SOAS. I have been receiving some comments on the article via email and elsewhere and wished to share these with you below:

Comment 1:

Want to share a recent event which happened a few days before the 20th May,

A friend of mine tried to make a group called hitler in response to the 20th may act. Guess what you are not allowed to use the names like hitler, adolph, nazi, etc. Anyhow he manages to make the group called “H|tler” and writes in a description something like “..for those people who make fun of islam in the name of freedom of speech and doesnt appreciate the genius of hitler..” And invited a few friends to join for fun. Guess what, even though the group was not reported(i’m guessing) or any protests against it, the group was removed from facebook(within hours) and above all, my friend is now banned from facebook permanently.

The message is clear to me!

Comment 2:
"Great article Fiza, it provokes you to think. When a country or culture or people do not hold anything sacred, then they are bound to cause hurt or damage to others. That is my problem with the ''freedom of speech'' supporters. In the US, they make fun of everything, their people, their president, their religion and even God. There have to be some limits that shouldn't be crossed."


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