Cairo - the best trip I could have hoped for

I had always wanted to visit Cairo, since my days in college. It was partly from all the anticipation about it and the love my brother had created in my heart for Egypt. He is a huge Egyptian-fan and since he is 11 years older than me, I find myself almost always in awe of any story or experience he has to share.

Our recent trip to Egypt and Cairo was every thing I had heard about Egypt. The hospitality and warmth shown to us there by our friend and his friends was more than we could have imagined. I dont think I can imagine Cairo in any other way. Everyone at work and even in my family was worried about the conditions in the country, the protests and our safety. Our hotel was only 5 minutes from Tahrir square but we witnessed a buzzing, peaceful city enjoying its every day life and busy in it.

We went right before the elections. As with any new democracy there was a sense of fear and bitterness amongst people there, unsure if the people standing in elections represented the true spirit of the revolution they had stood for. But I was excited to have visited the country post-revolution any way. I saw extremely peaceful rallies in Alexandria for Muslim Brotherhood, which I could have never witnessed before in Egypt. The cities were plastered with campaigning posters of the various contenders. This was a spirit that is meant to be appreciated and I do sincerely hope that the years to come show more fruits of democracy than bittnerness for it.

I have put together a blog post in one of my travel blogs on how to spend a quality week in Cairo. I am sure this itenerary will help you if you are planning on visiting Cairo and if not, you will enjoy seeing what Cairo and its people have to offer!

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Daanish said…
Excellent post.

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