Just How Far Is the "Ground Zero Mosque" From Ground Zero?

The "Ground Zero Mosque" that we have been and will be hearing so much about is not exactly a mosque, nor is it at Ground Zero. Here's why: you can't see Ground Zero -- the former site of the World Trade Center -- from the future site of the Cordoba House.

From 45 Park Place, the former Burlington Coat Factory building that will make way for the Cordoba House, it's two blocks, around a corner, to get to the WTC site. Park Place doesn't lie between the construction site and any mass transit stations, so you would need to go out of your way to have it offend you.
If you look up the walking directions you'll notice that it takes a couple of minutes to walk the distance (approximately a tenth of a mile) between the two spots. Pretty much two minutes exactly when I took the trip with a shaky video camera. Here's the clip, first sped up to 4X speed then slowed down to 1X


Aman Shareef said…
I've done this walk. In New York City, distances have a very different meaning than most other places. Two blocks can mean the difference between one neighborhood and another. Two blocks can mean the difference between Columbia University, and a neighborhood where drug dealers handle "law enforcement."

Also, there's a mosque located four blocks from Ground Zero. This mosque predates the construction of the World Trade Center.

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